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We are only reviewing swing clubs we actually visited. It’s our subjective view. We try to describe exactly in which context we visited each club.

  • Costa del sol swingers

    [Guest post by Asia&Piotr] The thing about swingers in Spain – from the start you can feel they are more open and it’s quite a normal thing in Spain – the club is located on the main street in the city’s suburbs (not on cul-de-sac) and signboard tells you it’s a swingers place. Something which […]

  • Le Sabbie Nere, Swingers club in Sicily, a review

    Le Sabbie Nere, Swingers club in Sicily, a review

    Our review & story: We are in Sicily, Italy, writing in present because we are still here. And this time we will visit just one club. We asked on the local Swingers portal where to go. And the answer was consensual. Everyone was just recommending La Sabbie Nere even though there are quite a few […]

  • Lullaby Swing Club in Wrocław, Poland, a review.

    Our review & story: We wanted to visit Wroclaw, and see how Wroclaw’s swing life looks light, so we decided to test this new Swing Club : Lullaby. After chatting with locals, the reviews where mixed, which is quite common, but you know only once you actually view by your own eyes. So after our […]

  • Fantasy Swingers Club in Prague, a review

    Fantasy Swingers Club in Prague, a review

    Our review & story: Spoiler alert, that is right now (December 2022) our favorite place so far. While we did our test tour of Prague’s Swinger clubs, just after us visiting the Bunker Club we decided to visit one of the two top rated clubs. (The second being Paradiso, review to come soon). So we […]

  • Fun4Two Swingers club review near Rotterdam

    Fun4Two Swingers club review near Rotterdam

    Our review & story: While we had a “workation” week in the Netherlands, we decided to visit the two top local clubs, one of them being the Fun4Two, close to Rotterdam. Geographically everything is close in the Netherlands, so even considering you are in Amsterdam, you should definitively consider this club. Let’s start with a […]

  • Bunker swingers Club in Prague

    Our review & story: During spring we spent a week in Prague, and as we were starting our adventure with swing we decided to test the local clubs, Prague has a lot of swing clubs considering the density of the city. And we started with the bunker club, it had the lowest amount of good […]

  • Club Review : Bordeaux Swing Club in Łódź

    Our review & story: This is a special review, as it concerns our first visit in a swing club. We were stressed, the dress code stated on the website seemed restrictive. We did some shopping to comply. It was not clear for us what’s the best time to arrive. Once finally ready the Uber driver […]