Bunker swingers Club in Prague

  • Country : Czech Republic
  • City : Prague
  • Date visited : May 2022
  • Dress code required : “Sexy”

Our review & story:

During spring we spent a week in Prague, and as we were starting our adventure with swing we decided to test the local clubs, Prague has a lot of swing clubs considering the density of the city. And we started with the bunker club, it had the lowest amount of good reviews within our “selection”, anyway we went on. We parked following the instructions in what looked like a classical communist high rise housing buildings. And after going around we found the entrance that is completely unmarked. A long corridor did bring us to a locker room where the mobile phone coverage was inexistant. So if someone wanted to kidnap us, nobody would ever find us. Once changed we visited the club, which was completely empty. A buffet was here, free drinks were included if I remember well. It looked promising. On the walls every detail looked like being the fruit of thorough attention. The decoration as well. There was no specific style, but the love for detail and the practical optimizations showed that for sure sometimes crazy parties take place here. Unfortunately that was not one of this evenings, the day after or before was a public holiday, and except us, only two rather unattractive men shared the club with us. We had a few drinks relaxing waiting for some company, but it did just not happen. The bar lady was feeling really sorry, and looking at the buffet they were as surprised as us about this evening’s lack of success. Now we know that it can happen, and it’s part of the experience. You never have a guarantee of fun or success. You have to be humble 🙂

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 0 out of 5.



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