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While we are not only travelling to swing, we do use our travels to meet other swinger couples, for now we swinged in the Czech republic, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Poland. More swinger Travels to come:)

  • ❄️ Swingers in Snow

    ❄️ Swingers in Snow

    A few memories from our skiing.

  • Fantasy Swingers Club in Prague, a review

    Fantasy Swingers Club in Prague, a review

    Our review & story: Spoiler alert, that is right now (December 2022) our favorite place so far. While we did our test tour of Prague’s Swinger clubs, just after us visiting the Bunker Club we decided to visit one of the two top rated clubs. (The second being Paradiso, review to come soon). So we […]

  • Bunker swingers Club in Prague

    Our review & story: During spring we spent a week in Prague, and as we were starting our adventure with swing we decided to test the local clubs, Prague has a lot of swing clubs considering the density of the city. And we started with the bunker club, it had the lowest amount of good […]

  • USA 2022, an erotic gallery

    USA 2022, an erotic gallery

    No swinging, but a few pictures we made the two of us, a highlight being a windy visit on top of New York, the white house in Washington, Brooklyn bridge.

  • Sex & Swingers life on Cyprus

    Sex & Swingers life on Cyprus

    This summer 2022, we did spend almost two weeks in three different cities on Cyprus, the three cities were Paphos, Ayia Napa & Limassol. We had a few meetings there, and here comes a few facts that we think are interesting to share. Nudist beaches on Cyprus There are no official nudist beaches, but we […]