Costa del sol swingers

[Guest post by Asia&Piotr]

The thing about swingers in Spain – from the start you can feel they are more open and it’s quite a normal thing in Spain – the club is located on the main street in the city’s suburbs (not on cul-de-sac) and signboard tells you it’s a swingers place. Something which is not common in Poland or other places.

Kamelot pub

The club was small, had a couple of standard rooms (only with mattresses), glory holes, room with a poor bdsm gear and two rooms for more ppl to have fun. What was kind of weird, there were lockers and hangers in each room and no sheets or towels. Condoms were also nowhere to be found (later I saw a machine in the bathroom where you can buy one for 1€). After you are done someone from the club comes and cleans the place (by using swiper- like for cleaning windows).

We had fun alone, because of the communication barrier (most of the ppl were Spanish). You could meet there also non-Spaniards, but overall the clientele was older (I would say 50+), so not typically our target. People were not dress in any sexy way, so it was also not helping.

Staff was ok, we got the tour and (I’ve forgot the name) was really trying to speak English with us. There was a loud, Spanish music playing all the time, you could try a dance floor.

Drinks were not that good, nothing fancy, just the basic ones, 2 were included in the tickets price.

Overall 5/10.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Cleanliness is very important for us and things such as sheets/towels, intimate gels, condoms are in our opinion mandatory in swingers club. The club was easy to find (there is a sign on the door and building), but had a small parking space. There were 2 entrances, one from the back – from the parking – where you had to go behind the counter and that was kind of weird too.

New Eden

This one was also easy to find, and quite bigger than the first one. Staff wasn’t speaking any English so we’ve tried to understand something with our “un poquito” Spanish. We got the tour (in Spanish), the lady seemed to be nice. Drinks were again included in the tickets price, a little better than in Kamelot. After the tour staff asked us (again in Spanish) about our preferences and 5 minutes earlier a couple came asking us if we speak Spanish (we do not) and that was it for the interactions 😉

As mentioned before, club was big, had a couple of different rooms and two with jacuzzi and some mattress. We started to play in one, and then singles came and started to enjoy themselves, they were literally starting to jerk off. As we don’t like it, we asked them to go away, 8 to ten times. They actually listened and left but after a while a staff member came (with a translator haha) and we were told the room is for everyone and we cannot tell singles to go away because they have a right to be there. And if we’d like we can have the room for ourselves (I don’t know on what conditions, nobody told us that but I assume we had to pay extra).

That ended our evening at new Eden, as we didn’t want to play in a place where we and our well being were not respected.

Overall 3/10

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

There were sheets in every room, but condoms still only in the machine 🙂 But fairness and respect for others in swingers club is our priority, so that’s why only 3/10



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