Fantasy Swingers Club in Prague, a review

  • Country : Czech Republic
  • City : Prague
  • Date visited : May 2022
  • Dress code required : Antique outfit

Our review & story:

Spoiler alert, that is right now (December 2022) our favorite place so far. While we did our test tour of Prague’s Swinger clubs, just after us visiting the Bunker Club we decided to visit one of the two top rated clubs. (The second being Paradiso, review to come soon). So we visited the club a first time in the middle of the week, it was then promising, but a little too empty, so we got ready for Saturday. At first we were worried by the fact that the dress code was strict and requiring accessories we did not have but after reading the small print the club had us covered. So we carried on, the club is located in a residential area in a basement. Close to it there was a casino, where we asked where is the swing club, they said it’s next door 🙂 we were not the first ones asking. Behind the casino a parking lot has more than enough space for us swingers.

In the lockers every guest was greeted with a white bed sheet and a laurel wreath, the outfit was ready. And it was actual fun to see everyone on the same level. In addition to that, decorative touches have been to the usual really simple and classy interior design.

That’s where we should say a few words about the interior architecture. Although it’s build into a basement, the design, the size, the cleanliness was at the highest level. Nothing was overdone. Even the traditional screen streaming random porn had a playlist that matched the club. Because Anlight had a fresh tattoo we could only scarcely use the hot tub (one side of which was directly next to the bar, so you could order cocktails from there), and not at all the Sauna (I am pretty sure there was a Sauna), but it did not matter. The highlight for us was a cosy white playroom designed for sex with an infinite list of possibilities.

Image from the club’s website

From what we remember, here people do really swing. Following the rules, everything is just normal, we had a lot of fun. With a couple in a smaller room, and with a lot of couples in the bigger one. No need to share more details your imagination has to do the rest. Even in the locker we already could predict that it will be fun, because everyone was just relaxed and smiling, not too many tourists (for sure us), just a nice balance.

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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