Le Sabbie Nere, Swingers club in Sicily, a review

  • Country : Italy
  • City : Catania
  • Date visited : July 2023
  • Dress code required : Casual

Our review & story:

We are in Sicily, Italy, writing in present because we are still here. And this time we will visit just one club. We asked on the local Swingers portal where to go. And the answer was consensual. Everyone was just recommending La Sabbie Nere even though there are quite a few Swing clubs around Catania. We will return there, which means that this first review will still evolve.

Let’s start with a list of things that where special for us. There is a summer zone with a swimming pool, palms, and a nice garden, that looks amazing on pictures…. and also in reality. The only thing is that we expected some action to take place there… and nothing. It was there just for decoration. Not sure if it was a rule, or nobody wanted to swim that night, maybe it’s used only on Sundays where there is a spa day.

The next interesting thing are the play zones on the first floor. From what we can remember, it’s designed as a way for couples to encounter single men in a controlled manners. There is a couple only zone that has interactive places, glory holes, but not only !

This review will be unorganized, now a mistake we did… we went there from Catania by taxi. That was risky. The club is 20km out of town, and it’s impossible to find a taxi or a cab in the night to get back. The owners helped us a lot, asking other guests and calling taxis, finally a nice couple we played with took us home, but it’s safer to get there by car !

The cost model is specific, you have to pay 50Euros per person (100 per couple) the first time, but the next times it’s more symbolic (15Euros or for free on Friday), you pay only for drinks. Snacks were available for free when we visited.

Single men have to pay high prices, but still there were a lot of them, which is ok as there was a couple only zone.

For the ones who like to dance, a dance floor was there, with professional dancers around until around 1am, then no one cared to dance anymore.

The play rooms were extremely dark, if you like to see who you have sex with, bring light with you.

If you do NOT speak italian, do not expect to have tons of conversations, only the language of love is universal in le Sabbie Nere. (which means black sand, as it’s located on the foot of Etna).

The public is from whole Siciliy, Palermo, Messina, Catania and more, a few tourists but not many.

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 4 out of 5.







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