Club Review : Bordeaux Swing Club in Łódź

  • Country : Poland
  • City : Łódź
  • Date visited : March 2022
  • Dress code required : “Elegant”
  • Website :
  • Party type : No special event
  • Day of the week : Friday

Our review & story:

This is a special review, as it concerns our first visit in a swing club. We were stressed, the dress code stated on the website seemed restrictive. We did some shopping to comply. It was not clear for us what’s the best time to arrive. Once finally ready the Uber driver dropped us in front of the Cinema Museum. The weather was foggy, like in a Sherlock Holmes. A men’s silhouette was walking in front of us, it did not look reassuring. And then, in an old brick building a red light was flickering. We entered following the silhouette. Once inside, we were greeted well as you would expect for beginners. We changed for a sexier outfit, and ended up sitting on a sofa, having drink after drink, observing what was happening around us. Single men where sitting at the bar, like they were always sitting here. A few couples arrived. We were keeping observing. Before we agreed that the day will be only about observing to see “How it is”. Finally a more experienced coupled talked with us. Later the action began. Basically all happens in one building, and the rooms are actually just separation walls. So the sound is common. We decided to visit a little. Played a little together, which was already a small event on it’s own. Then finally somehow, we joined a closed party in one of the boxes. Where things happened. For us a lot. We were in the action. I remember Anlight being playing with two women, or actually they were playing with her. I (Wendgan) remember fingering at least one of the ladies, without too much security, but focusing on the show.

Once we got out, we met another beginners couple who was less lucky with both their alcohol consumption and the event on it’s own, also waiting for a cab while having digestive consequences of the over consumption.

In the taxi, we looked at out selves, did not debrief much, but I think it was clear it will not be our last adventure in the domain of Swing 🙂

Later we understood it was not the best evening maybe. But that’s how it goes 😉 Hopefully we can come back one day, for a party that we actually choose.

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 3 out of 5.







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