Lullaby Swing Club in Wrocław, Poland, a review.

  • Country : Poland
  • City : Wrocław
  • Date visited : April 2022
  • Dress code required : Casual
  • Website :
  • Party type : Random evening
  • Day of the week : Friday

Our review & story:

We wanted to visit Wroclaw, and see how Wroclaw’s swing life looks light, so we decided to test this new Swing Club : Lullaby. After chatting with locals, the reviews where mixed, which is quite common, but you know only once you actually view by your own eyes. So after our usual cultural programme, we went there, I do not remember if it was Friday or Saturday, probably Friday. It’s somewhere in the outskirts, in a residential street, somehow over another business, quite discreet. Once inside, the crowd was limited. The owners showed us around, it’s always better if a club is owned by actual swingers rather than by just investors. At first sight, the chances of action were limited, a few people were around, a few couples, couple of single men. One couple was attractive and sitting at the bar. We started to talk to them, and we had a flow. We discussed about our experiences, like it’s often the case in swing clubs or meetings. From what I remember, we went twice to the play rooms, and had genuine fun. Did she squirt for the first time ? Very possible.

So the evening was really nice, but we have the feeling that we were lucky. It’s not something uncommon, but because the public was so restricted, we feel that luck played an actual role.

Anlight wanted to order a Jamesson Whiskey at the bar, which did not work, but the owner promised that next time they will have it.

We had some sexy dance, at the end, there was probably the potential for more if we had more energy.

In general the interior was made in a “Manual” manner, with limited capital, but that’s OK for us, we are crossing fingers so that the place can iteratively improve with time.

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 3 out of 5.







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