Fun4Two Swingers club review near Rotterdam

  • Country : Netherlands
  • City : Moordrecht
  • Date visited : September 2022
  • Dress code required : “Civil downstairs, Sexy upstairs “

Our review & story:

While we had a “workation” week in the Netherlands, we decided to visit the two top local clubs, one of them being the Fun4Two, close to Rotterdam. Geographically everything is close in the Netherlands, so even considering you are in Amsterdam, you should definitively consider this club. Let’s start with a spoiler. It’s a place of superlatives. From reviews we read, or people we talked with, it’s the best swinger club in the world. Will we agree with that, let’s see.

The membership card

Where to stay ?

The club has a few rooms that looked absolutely lovely, but unfortunately were available only from two nights which did not fit our needs. But the club has a kind of partnership with a hotel that is just 5 min away by car. And there is an actual shuttle organized between this hotel and the club. The population of the hotel when we stayed there was : American tourists, tourists from around the world, and Swingers from around the world, we know because of the shuttle and we recognized a few of them at breakfast in the morning after 😉

Our night at the fun4two swing club

First surprise when we arrived…. a huge queue of couples, even though we reserved, we never waited in a queue in front of a Swing club before. It was at night, in autumn, so we could just guess how nice the surroundings were, including the trailer you could book for sleeping over.

We noticed the indication that the building is marked as historical, probably an old farm, but that was just the beginning of our architectural surprises.

After a quick brief for local beginners and a funny membership card we got there, we used the lockers that were highly busy, and quite vintage.

Once ready, we started visiting, the first room, a huge disco-bar-restaurant room in a medieval environment. The music was good, the drinks were included in the price. Wendgan can not drink too much, but we were feeling like tourists more than swingers that night. And that’s probably the worse part of the place, because it’s a place of superlatives, people come not only to swing, but also as tourists, like they would visit the red light district in Amsterdam without actually making use of any of the possibilities.

We did not try the food, but there is definitively a kitchen in-house, and the menu is changing on a regular base on what we read. No way to meet there to speak, but if you had no time to eat or want to take some rest, it’s definitively a very good option.

There were plenty of play rooms, the highlights being the spa/Jacuzzi/saunas which were just spotless, clean, and perfectly decorated. One thing that is quite rare in Swinger clubs is the absence of kitsch.

The next highlight was the massage room with at least 10 perfectly equipped massage mattresses, with professional equipment, we visited the place twice, once at the beginning, where it was actually romantic everything separated by curtains showing something, not too much. Later in the night, the romanticism was mixed with some porn background.

We played a little bit only that night. Still we would recommend the place because it’s worth a visit even making abstraction of it’s touristic side.

Practical things

The reservation was obligatory and needed, there is a chance the club was its maximum capacity.

The club is probably almost always couples only.

The price was approximately 170EUR, which considering the fact that includes drinks, a real restaurant, that it’s the Netherlands really reasonable.

Our Rating of cleanliness

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Rating of Architecture & Building

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Public in the evening

Rating: 3 out of 5.







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