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  • Swingers Christmas 🎄

    Swingers Christmas 🎄

    We did a small thematic swingers Christmas photo session. How do you like It ? Please comment.

  • Our up skirt collection

    Our up skirt collection

    a few of our own collection of up skirt with or without panties collection, comment if you like it

  • Questions to ask yourselves or the couple you want to meet before swinging.

    Based on our experience, please find below a few questions to be asked. Are you both willing to do what you plan to do? If one of the partners is passive or not interested the experience will be less interesting. What are your rules, your limits ? Those can be really different depending on each…

  • Playing in front of the camera

    Playing in front of the camera

    From time to time we do small live shows. That’s our exhibitionist side ;-).

  • Sex & Swingers life on Cyprus

    Sex & Swingers life on Cyprus

    This summer 2022, we did spend almost two weeks in three different cities on Cyprus, the three cities were Paphos, Ayia Napa & Limassol. We had a few meetings there, and here comes a few facts that we think are interesting to share. Nudist beaches on Cyprus There are no official nudist beaches, but we…

  • Led By Swing, how it started

    Beginning of February 2022, we created our first profile on a polish specialized portal (Zbiornik). The first challenge was to post erotic pictures. We were shooting them for our own purpose so far. Now we wanted to publish something. And it was exciting. In the same time, we discovered the concept of swinging. To be…