Small Story, is Swinging about fixing a couple ?

The fun part with swinging are the anecdotes we hear, the encounters we make, not talking here about the sexual ones. At some point in this year, in a given country, we met a couple, everything seemed normal, except that he wrote to us in private that his live partner is a little shy, and that we should be careful with her. By then, we were at the beginning, so it did not come as a red flag.

Anyways, we met a first time, both were highly educated, had international backgrounds and were generally attractive for us. So we decided to meet again, at their flat. And there we started to understand, after a few glasses of wine, that it is not about swinging. He was trying to fix their couple. She was younger, wanted to be desired, and was aiming for an open relationship, where she could have the seduction process and the first nights, with her partner being the solid part of her life, but not necessarily the only one when it comes to intimate sex. So he decided to organize swinging as a compromise, for her to fulfill her needs with him being able to control and be present.

As the evening turned into a therapeutic session, Anlight had a long walk with each of them. It is not clear what she said, but the day after, they wrote us that they ended their relationship. Not because of us, but just because those events accelerated something that was probably evident.






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